Nihola 4.0 E-cargo family trike


Coming soon, an electric Nihola 4.0 family cargo bike very similar to the one pictured here, please get in touch for more details. Used condition

Capable of fitting up to 4 smaller children, carry cots and car seats are also capable of being fitted. Also suitable for transporting an adult easily. The bench seats are easily removable allowing multiple options to carry pushchairs etc. Two y-belts (for younger children) and two lap belts included. The Nihola 4.0 differs from the Nihola family in that it has a stability retractable foot and a cut-away to aid embarkation
The front wheels turn with Ackerman steering geometry, (like a car) which provides a very stable and confident ride, in my view much better than whole-box-steering trikes (eg Babboe Curve, Christiania, Kangaroo etc)
The advantage of a trike over the two-wheel “Bakfiets” designs is the ability to go at a slower pace, for instance integrating with traffic, without needing to put a foot down.
Shimano Nexus 8 speed rear hub gears (just serviced)
Rear V-brake, front drum brakes with dual brake-lever with parking brake
Included with package:
Integral wheel lock, integral rear light, Schwalbe Marathon Plus high puncture-resistant tyres.
Rain hood, waterproof fitted tarpaulin
Two batteries provided (Sunstar type which are the later, modified variety) battery charger, keys for battery and wheel-lock
The original factory fitted Sunstar mid-drive motor has been replaced with a new Bafang BBS01-B, which generally proves to be more reliable than the original Sunstar. Spares for the Bafang are widely available, should they ever be needed
The gearing has been lowered to allow a very good hill-climbing low gear (44-23, combined with 0.527% Shimano Nexus 8  gear reduction)


Nihola 4.0 E-Cargo family trike

Nihola 4.0 E-Cargo family trike